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Welcome to THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25th CENTURY! Join Matt, Mike and Jared as they make 
history embarking on the Interweb's first podcast! Join us weekly as they talk about the classic movies,
TV shows, books, comics and pop culture you crave and can't live without!

May 25, 2020

This week THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25th CENTURY celebrates the 40th Anniversary of one of our favorite movies of all time! THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK set the industry gold standard for movie sequels and we are giving you our exclusive commentary of the movie! Join us now for PART 1 our thoughts, memories and...

May 18, 2020

Welcome in, Podcast Pioneers! THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25TH CENTURY is traveling back in time to reveal THE SACRED TEXTS! Join Matt, Jared & Mike as they reminisce about the books of their youth that influenced, helped shape and steer their minds throughout the years!  Grab your favorite book, pull up a...

May 11, 2020

Welcome Podcast Pioneers! This week we take a peek behind the curtain of such productions as STRANGER THINGS, OZARK, & THE HUNGER GAMES as we speak to our special guest Paul, a professional film & tv wardrobe Ager/Dyer, whose talent helped make these productions so amazing! We also have breaking Star Wars news from...

May 6, 2020

ORDER 66!...AHSOKA MAKES A CHAOTIC CHOICE!...AND TIME IS UP FOR HER AND THE REPUBLIC! Join us NOW on CLONING IT IN as we review the final 2 chapters of this final juggernaut arc of Season 7 of THE CLONE WARS! We're reviewing SHATTERED and VICTORY & DEATH as Ahsoka tries to survive Order 66 and makes a dangerous gamble...

May 4, 2020

The Republic and Separatists never engaged in such a heated battle as Mike & Matt do on this episode of THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25TH CENTURY! Jared moderates the Midichlorian madness with our very first round of STAR WARS TRIVIA as we celebrate this glorious day!  MAY THE FOURTH be with you!