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Welcome to THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25th CENTURY! Join Matt, Mike and Jared as they make 
history embarking on the Interweb's first podcast! Join us weekly as they talk about the classic movies,
TV shows, books, comics and pop culture you crave and can't live without!

Aug 26, 2023

THE HYPER SPACE returns with our new show: THE AHSOKA ARCHIVES! Lindsey, Brian, Jared, and Matt are all back for more spirited Star Wars conversation, as we review and discuss the new Disney Plus series, Star Wars: Ahsoka. Has Dave Filoni turned the ship around from the last few underwhelming live action Star...

Aug 22, 2023

UPDATE!  Season 7 isn't over yet! We will be taking a little intergalactic detour as we release THE AHSOKA ARCHIVES - our new show covering the Star Wars Ahsoka show!  But don't worry - We'll be warping back to the 25th Century soon!

Aug 16, 2023

Was Sylvester Stallone indeed the Law? Join Mike and his eleven-year-old son, Seth, as they break down the 1995 film version of Mega City One’s top enforcer, Judge Dredd. A Hyperspace Presentation family edition.