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Welcome to THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25th CENTURY! Join Matt, Mike and Jared as they make 
history embarking on the Interweb's first podcast! Join us weekly as they talk about the classic movies,
TV shows, books, comics and pop culture you crave and can't live without!

Apr 27, 2020

Welcome in, Podcast Pioneers! This week, THE HYPER SPACE crew brings you another RETROACTIVE REWIND REVIEW! Head to the junkyard and bring your Apple II E computer along, because we're heading back to 1985 to explore EXPLORERS, Joe Dante's fun but deeply flawed film about a trio of teenage space explorers who come...

Apr 26, 2020

A IMPENDING DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE!...DARK SECRETS EXPOSED!...AND AHSOKA IS OFFERED A INSIDIOUS PROPOSITION! Join us now in CLONING IT IN as we review Part 2 of the mind-blowing final arc of THE CLONE WARS, Episode 10: THE PHANTOM APPRENTICE! The Galaxy is on the verge of a treacherous betrayal and Maul is determined...

Apr 20, 2020

Welcome, Podcast Pioneers!  Move over Babu Frik, this week we’ve got a real droidsmith on the show! A builder of amazing droids, designer of screen-accurate cosplay, and all around nice guy, Charlie. We'll talk to him about his numerous creations, his process for building, and we'll discuss where you may have...

Apr 18, 2020

AN UNEXPECTED REUNION!...A DARING MOVE TO RESCUE A WORLD!...AND A DEVIOUS PLOT TO DRAW IN A JEDI!...Join us on 'CLONING IT IN' presented by THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25TH CENTURY, as we discuss the spectacular episode OLD FRIENDS NOT FORGOTTEN as it launches the final arc of THE CLONE WARS! Ahsoka reunites with...

Apr 13, 2020

From strange planets to even stranger aliens, STAR TREK has taken us from one side of our imagination galaxy to the other. So pour yourself a glass of Tranya and get ready to beam up to join Jared, Matt and Mike now as they reminisce back on some of their favorite episodes from the original series.