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Welcome to THE HYPER SPACE: PODCASTING IN THE 25th CENTURY! Join Matt, Mike and Jared as they make 
history embarking on the Interweb's first podcast! Join us weekly as they talk about the classic movies,
TV shows, books, comics and pop culture you crave and can't live without!

Jun 26, 2023

A cult classic or relic from the past? Does the most famous movie dragon in history still hold up? Is Peter MacNicol's hair real? Join Jared, Matt and Mike as THE HYPER SPACE does a RETROACTIVE REWIND REVIEW on 1981's fantasy epic, DRAGONSLAYER!

Jun 13, 2023

In 1986 Dino DeLaurentiis released his epic sequel to his successful King Kong remake. Jared swings in to discuss whether or not King Kong does in fact live, or if he’s DOA. The prognosis is grim.  You don't want to miss this episode of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (mostly just bad and ugly this week)...

Jun 5, 2023

NEWS FROM THE INTERWEBS returns to THE HYPER SPACE, as we break down the recent announcement of the closure of Disney's Galactic Starcruiser! Could this have been saved? Where did it go wrong? And what comes next? We also talk about the negative press surrounding Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and talk...